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Streamer Spark is a twitch and streamer marketing agency focusing on helping you to grow without changing what makes you special!

Streamer Spark - Twitch & Streamer Marketing Agency

What we offer


Getting you in front of the right people for your stream.


Helping you make money in ways your community will love. 


We know our craft, and want to help you know it too.


Support finding relevant and valuable affiliate offers for your stream.

About Us

What makes us special

A Bit About Us

Founded by Alexander and Connor, Streamer Spark is focused on building on top of the potential you has as a streamer and helping you grow!

Alexander: also going by the name Jak, is a social media manager, YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, and video editor. Practising his craft for many years, Jak has found the perfect way to edit a video where it looks professionally done but not artificial, not sacrificing the charm or character of the content within.

Connor: is a web designer, social media manager and a master in Marketing & SEO. Connor finds the best attributes of you and uses them to attract more people to your audience. Connor also has many contacts in the graphic design industry and with ease will make you your own merch store with your brand all over it!

Our Skills

  • Marketing Knowledge 85% 85%
  • Monetisation Support 85% 85%
  • Stream Knowledge 90% 90%
  • Affiliate Variety 95% 95%

Our FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions about our service.

How much do you cost?

We offer a full package offering for $30 which contains everything you need to help you grow big!

How is communication?

We keep you in the loop on everything we do on our end, and have methods in place for you to do the same, we can work with all major social platforms for regular calls, while using tools like Trello to properly manage your twitch career in a trackable and scalable way. 

Why do I need you?

While it is always possible to grow on your own, working with a streamer marketing agency like Streamer Spark simply allows you to focus on doing what you love while we focus on helping you grow!

How do you help?

With all marketing and business support, there is no set in stone strategy and everything we offer is bespoke, but some of the things we would support you with is social media marketing, monetisation strategies and building a proper brand, among other things. 

How do you choose people?

Due to our business model and the level of support we offer per client, we cannot accept everyone who applies, this is so our quality of work does not degrade. This also means that our focus is on streamers who show a lot of potential, but just aren’t getting the traffic. 

Any past examples of your work?

By default, we don’t publicize the people that we work with unless they are explicitly happy to do so, this is due to us respecting the privacy of the people we work with.

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